14th NTRCA Written Question Solution-School Level,College Level

14th NTRCA Written Question Solution for School Level,College Level. NTRCA 14th MCQ College Level Exam question solution.14th NTRCA MCQ test Non-government Teachers’ Registration & Certification Authority Exam 2017 question solution. Here is the 14th NTRCA college level question solution.

14th NTRCA Written Question Solution- College Level

Here is the english Part Question Answer for all sets:

1. correct sentence
= She had faith in and hopes for the future .
2. She argue ——– me about thing
= with
3. Swan Song
= last work
= The Baby Came to me laughing
5. antonym of ‘Inimical’
= friendly
6. He Waited until the plane —
= took off
7. My uncle arrived while I — the dinner
= was cooking
8. correct sentence
= I Shall avail myself of the opportunity
9. — mother rose in her
= no article
10. Jerry was deprived of motherly affection . here is motherly is
= adjective
11. Panic seized me . ( Passive)
= I was seized with panic
12. the singular of ‘Criteria’
13. The second world war broke ——- in september , 1939
= out
14. He will came no time . here no time means
= very soon
15. I am entitled —— a share of the profit
= to
16. The dog went mad . here is went what kind of verb
= transitive qa
= Sweet is the uses of adversity
18. The antonym of Honorary
= salaried
19 . A Person who treats mental illness is called
= Psychiatrist
20. No article is used before
= pronoun
21. A Person whose head in the cloud
= a day dreamer
22. I don’t think you will no difficulty — a driving license .
= to get
23. I decided to go —- with my friend as I needed some exercise .
= for a walk
24. If I had known you were coming ,….
= I would have gone to the station
25. correct sentence
= Each Boy and Each Girl has a pen .

Rest of the Question Answers:

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14th NTRCA MCQ Exam Solution

14th NTRCA MCQ Question Answers College Level

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14th NTRCA MCQ exam Results

14th NTRCA Exam results will be available here after its publication. The Probable date of 14th NTRCA MCQ Exam Result is 26th September, 2017.NTRCA website will publish the result soon.