Video Instruction for reopening Schools in Bangladesh | School Open Instruction by Short Film

Video Instruction for reopening Schools in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Govt. has taken some important steps to reopen Schools after long time due to COVID19. School Open Instruction by Short Film has already been published. School Open instruction for all given at the video instruction. All Schools are going to be reopened with maintaining all kind of safety steps.

How to maintain Safety at Schools Now

If you want to know how to follow safety for yourselves, just watch this video which will help you to maintain all measure to keep safe at Covid19 in the School. As schools reopen, it’s important that precautions are taken both inside and outside the classroom to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

01 Institution Reopening Audio Visual General Instructions

02 Institution Reopening: Students Preparation for Safe Return to School

03 Institution Reopening: Parents Support to Safe Return to Class

04 Video for SMC on their role on institution reopening

How to keep myself safe at Schools while it is reopening in Bangladesh

This article aims to support teachers with information and tips on. According to UNICEF,

Keep Safe from Corona Covid19 in the Schools

As schools reopen, lots will rely upon teachers to make sure that children might be capable of retain their training in a secure and wholesome surroundings; and make up for knowledge and skills which could had been lost.

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Teachers Responsibility to keep safe students from Covid19 while Schools reopening in BD

As a trainer, knowing the information will no longer most effective guard yourself but additionally your college students. Be aware about fake facts and threatening myths about COVID-19 circulating which might be feeding worry and stigma. Some of your students is probably returning to high school from households where they heard false statistics approximately COVID-19. You will need to educate them on the information.

What to do at Schools to become safe from Covid19 Corona Situation in Bangladesh

Knowledge COVID-19, the way it spreads and how we are able to defend ourselves and others is an essential first step in setting up school room procedures and protocols. Students want to understand what it’s far so as for them to follow the policies. Concentrate to their concerns and thoughts and solution their questions in an age-suitable manner. Talk the exclusive reactions they will revel in and provide an explanation for that these are ordinary reactions to an atypical scenario.

Make sure to apply information approximately COVID-19 from reliable sources inclusive of UNICEF and WHO, as well as the fitness authorities in your us of a. By using staying informed approximately the scenario and following the recommendations of public fitness specialists, we can guard our very own wellness and those round us.

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