SSC Assignment Answer 2022 PDF Download (seventh, sixth Week)

Answer to the task for the seventh week SSC 2022: The Directorate of Secondary and Greater Training has printed the SSC 2022 task response for the seventh, sixth, fifth, 4th, third, 2nd and 1st weeks.

Just lately, they posted the seventh week assignments for the SSC 2022 examination for sophistication 10 as a pdf file at The seventh week task was posted on August 25, 2021.

College students can discover the homework query with a pdf file on the official web site in addition to right here. Simply observe this text for extra particulars.

DUE to the Covid-19 scenario, the federal government needed to handle the schooling system. That’s the reason they determined to make use of an alternate methodology for the analysis of the scholars.

DSHE will assess the scholar primarily based on the scores for the task. Though it’s a small be aware, however they need to submit the given task to the faculty on time.

DSHE will publish the SSC task grid, distribute weekly task work, outline rubrics, directions and tips for task on the official website

SSC task work will start from June 14, 2021 and run for as much as 30 weeks. So let’s check out the content material, work of the task, methods to write the task, questions and solutions for all matters step-by-step beneath.

Let’s dive in:

SSC 2022 mission:

The SSC 2022 task is for college kids finding out in secondary schooling in Bangladesh, which is class 10.

SSC 2022 candidates should full the response inside the allotted timeframe because it now carries marks for the SSC 2022 examination.

College students finding out in grade ten ought to accumulate the homework query weekly task from the official web site

In response to the discover, college students should write the reply to the task and submit it to the universities inside the deadline of every week.

So, college students ought to know methods to accumulate homework task, write homework reply and submit it to seventh, sixth, fifth, 4th, third, 2nd and 1st week schools.

DSHE is posting the SSC 2022 week 7 homework query on August 25, 2021. College students can now examine the homework task with the reply beneath.

Learn how to obtain Mission SSC 2022 PDF:

Earlier than writing to the duty, college students ought to want the work for the duty. With out the homework task, college students won’t be able to put in writing the homework reply.

Let’s examine methods to accumulate the work of every week on the official website of

First step: college students should go to (The one official website to gather homework questions)
Step two: Discover the bulletin board part on the web site.
Step three: attempt to show all evaluations.
Step 4: Now examine the discover for the ssc 2021 homework task for sophistication 10 college students.
Step 5: Then obtain the pdf file and reserve it to your gadgets.

Answer to the seventh week SSC 2022 task for sophistication 10

The Directorate of Secondary and Greater Training publishes the seventh SSC week task for sophistication 10 on If a pupil isn’t in a position to obtain the pdf file from the official web site, don’t be concerned, as they may be capable of examine the task query and work from right here.

Simply examine the week-based task query beneath for the seventh task job. DSHE is assigned ICT, Greater Math, Economics, Agriculture, Dwelling Science, Charu o Karu Kola for the seventh week job for the SSC 2022 examination.

College students can obtain the pdf file beneath to examine the query and task for the fifth week task.

Mission of the seventh week SSC 2022

  • Posting date of the task: August 25, 2021
  • Submission deadline: Inside 1 weeks (Contact with the respective schools)
  • Assigned matters: ICT, increased arithmetic, financial system, agriculture, home sciences, Charu o Karu Kola

SSC 2022 task response for SSC 2021 batch:

DSHE has printed the SSC task response for the week of 4 on the official web site. College students ought to add the questions and write a solution on A4 paper and make sure to submit it by the final date of every week.

Answer to the 4th week SSC 2022 task

The Directorate of Secondary and Greater Training is printed on the 4th week SSC Assignment Answer 2022 on

In response to the discover, the themes assigned for the examination of the 4th week for the ssc 2022 examination are the first paper in Bangla and the first paper in English.

SSC 2022 English 1st paper homework task: Consciousness elevating to struggle towards Covid in Bangladesh.

How do folks behave in public locations and on public transport? Do folks keep social distancing throughout lockdown because of Covid-19, How do folks behave when transferring from place to position throughout festivals? Why are they doing this? the influence of such conduct? What may you do as a accountable citizen of the nation to stop such conduct?

SSC Bangla 1st response to the 2022 paper responsibility: কবিতার আলোকে মাতৃভাষার গুরুত্ব মূল্যায়ন।

আবদুল হাকিমের মাতৃভাষায় গ্রন্থ রচনায় কারণ লেখ। মাতৃভাষা- বিদ্বেষীদের প্রতি কবির মনোভাব। কথোপকথন,, সাইনবোর্ড, ব্যানার ও গণমাধ্যম ইত্যাদি ক্ষেত্রে ভাষার অপপ্রয়োগ বিভিন্ন দৃষ্টান্ত উপস্থাপন কর। অপপ্রয়োগ কমাতে এবং যথাযথ প্রয়োগ বাড়াতে বা দলগতভাবে কি ধরনের ভূমিকা রাখা যায় এই পরিকল্পনা তৈরি

Answer to the task of the earlier week SSC

DSHE is printed the third, 2nd, 1st week just like the earlier week. That is the portion and reply of task questions for various weeks.

Answer to the SSC task for the third week

DSHE is printed the third week SSC Assignment Answer on The topic of the third week is: arithmetic, physics, enterprise entrepreneurship, geography and the atmosphere.

The responsibility for geography and atmosphere is- পরিবেশের উপাদান সমূহের সাথে মানুষের আন্তঃসম্পর্ক নিরূপণ

See the reply

Assignment work for enterprise entrepreneurship is- বাংলাদেশের শিল্পের ওপর ব্যবসায়িক পরিবেশের উপাদান এর প্রভাব।

See the reply

Assignment work for physics is- উপাত্ত ব্যবহার করে সময় দূরত্বের লেখ থেকে যেকোন সময়ের বেগ ও ত্বরণ নির্ণয়।

SSC Bangla 1st response to paper responsibility

DSHE is printed the primary reply to the SSC Bangla paper task for the first week. Now let’s have a look at the homework with the options of the first bangla paper of the first week.

Assignment work for the first week is- গল্প অনুসরণে বিশেষ চাহিদাসম্পন্ন মানুষের আবেগ অনুভূতি অনুধাবন এবং তাদের প্রতি পরিবার ও সমাজের ভূমিকা নির্ধারণ

See the reply

Response to the scientific responsibility of the SSC

DSHE is printed the SSC Science Assignment Answer for 2nd Week. Let’s examine the task work and options beneath:

The scientific work of the 2nd week is- পরিবারের সদস্যদের বডি মাস। (BMI) তথ্য থেকে প্রত্যেকের জন্য খাদ্য গ্রহণ সংক্রান্ত একটি পরামর্শ তালিকা প্রস্তুতকরণ।

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SSC BGS task response

DSHE is printed the SSC Bangladesh and International Research Assignment Work and Answer for the 2nd week. College students can now examine the homework and homework options beneath:

Week 2 BGS task work is- রাজনৈতিক দলসহ সকল এর ভূমিকা মূল্যায়ন করে নির্দেশনা অনুসরণ করে একটি প্রতিবেদন প্রণয়ন করো।

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Answer to the SSC English homework task

The Directorate of Secondary and Greater Training is printed within the SSC English Assignment Answer for 2nd Week. Everybody can now try Week 2 work and the options beneath:

Week 2 English Assignment Work is – This task relies on EFT Unit 3. Justify the assertion – Festivals are for everybody.

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Essential instruction for writing the task

  • The task have to be written in his personal hand,
  • Submit the Mission inside the prescribed deadlines,
  • Learn the rule talked about on the web site.
  • Use A4 paper to put in writing the reply, use either side of the paper and thoroughly tie all of the pages
  • Write the query with the reply.
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