Indian Tourist Visa Application Process and Fee structure | Top Tourist Places of India

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Indian Tourist Visa Application Process and Fee structure | Top Tourist Places of India

Indian Tourist Visa Application Process and Fee structure | Top Tourist Places of India. India is one of the most attractive tourist destinations that is visited by many tourist from all over the world each year. The country being significant for historical, religious and pleasure place can work more to increase tourists. All visitors need a valid visa for India except citizens of Nepal and Bhutan. Top Tourist attractions in India include Taj Mahal in Agra, mountains, monuments, forts and palaces in Rajasthan, beaches (balmy hill stations in Nilgiris and the tiny emerald of Goa), tropical islands, jungles, hill stations, temples and an array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thought of visiting india gives rise to several questions. What is needed to visit India? What is Indian tourist visa? Is Indian tourist visa extendable? Why India is called tourist’s paradise? Is Indian tourist visa multiple entry? How much are Indian tourist visas?  How much do Indian tourist visas cost? How long do Indian tourist visas last? How long do Indian tourist visas take? Can Indian tourist visa be extended ? How to get Indian tourist visa from Bangladesh? Where to get indian tourist visa? We will try to give answers of all these questions in this writing.

Indian Tourist Visa Application Process and Fee structure | Top Tourist Places of India

India Tourist Visa:

The Indian government offers two types of visa: traditional visa and eVisa. E-Visa is issued electronically for 60 day for citizens of 161 countries. There is another type of visa named Transit visa. Transit visa lets visitors stay in India for less than 72 hours. It is a confirmed airline booking for the onward journey must be shown when applying. Where Transit visa is not applicable there Indian Tourist visa is necessary. There are some other types of visas for visitors to India that include Employment visas, Intern visas, Research visas, Student visas, Business visas, Journalist visas and Film visas.

Indian Tourist Visa Application Process and Fee structure | Top Tourist Places of India

Indian Tourist visa application Process:

Tourist visas are generally issued for six months. This process depends on what nationality you are. Some countries issue visas for short durations such as three months. There are longer durations visa such as one year. Most visas are multiple entry visas. The foreigners are not allowed to remain in India for more than 6 months at a time. The United States offer 10 year visas. Five year visas are available for people from 18 countries: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Mexico and Vietnam. Countries having biometric enrollment facilities started issuing five year Tourist visas as well.

The Indian visa application process is given to private processing agencies in most countries. Travisa and VFS Global (Visa processing agencies) are replaced in most foreign companies by Indian companies. To apply for an Indian Visa, you need to complete an on-line application form.

How to fill up on-line Visa application form?

At present every visa processing agency provides all facilities to make applicants work easy. To get access to visa application, click on You will get enough support while filling up your Visa application form. Provide all the required information in the fields. Follow the instructions carefully. Attach the docs if asked and submit.

What is Required to get Indian Visa:

You need to submit your passport (valid for at least six months and contain minimum two blank pages) with application with fee, a recent passport sized photo and details of your itinerary for an Indian Tourist Visa.

How Much Indian Tourist Visa Cost?

Indian Tourist Visa cost varies between countries according to the arrangement between governments. The visa Rates were revised on April 1, 2017. The current fee for US citizens is $100 for up to 10 years where a 60 day E-visa costs $75. Japan and Mongolia have special agreements with India to allow their citizens to pay significantly less for a visa. Citizens of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Argentina, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Jamaica, Mongolia, Seychelles (up to 3 months), Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa and Uruguay need not pay any visa fee. It is noteworthy that Bangladesh nationals do not need any fee for Indian visa except a processing fee of BDT 700/600.

Visa fee structure for Bangladeshi passport holders:

As described earlier, people can visit India for many purposes. Visa fee structure depends on the type of visa and duration you are going to have. Below is the general fee structure:

GENERAL Indian visa Fee STRUCTURE Amount in BDT
Tourist Visa valid up to six months (multiple entries). 3,400
Student Visa (Valid for the duration of the Course or a period of 5
years, whichever Is less- Multiple entries)
Transit Visa (Single/Double) 1,700
Tourist Visa valid for over six months and up to One year (multiple
Tourist Visa valid for over one year and up to five years (multiple
All other types of multiple entries visas (other than tourist, transit and
student visas)1. Up to 6 months
2. Up to 1 year
3. Up to 5 years
Fee for Re-entry permission on Tourist Visas 850
Postal/Telex/Fax charges with regard to reference made to other
Missions or Ministry are to be charged from visa applicants

Bangladeshi passport holders applying for Indian visa need no visa fee except Visa Processing Fee as per rates shown below:

Indian Visa Application Center Visa Process Fee (In Taka) per application
Uttara, Dhaka 600
Gulshan, Dhaka 600
Motijheel, Dhaka 600
Mirpur Road, Dhaka 600
IVAC, Jessore 700
Chittagong 600
Sylhet 700
Khulna 700
Rajshahi 600
Barisal 700
Mymensingh 700
Rangpur 700

Indian Tourist Visa Application Process and Fee structure | Top Tourist Places of India

Visa fee structure for Nationals other than Bangladesh:

Other foreign nationals are required to pay visa fee as per Govt. policy of their own country.

For fee structure of other countries Click here.

20 Top Tourist Places of India:

There are enormous amazing sightseeing places in India. The sight of these beautiful places can give you lifelong pleasure to cherish.

Indian Tourist Visa Application Process and Fee structure | Top Tourist Places of India

  1. Frozen Lakes of Himalayas
  2. Sunset on Brahmaputra River
  3. Natural Beauty of Western Ghats
  4. Mangrove Forest of Sundarbans
  5. Waterfalls in Shillong
  6. Beaches of Goa
  7. Snow Covered Mountains of Manali
  8. Temples of Bhubaneswar City
  9. Mehrangarh Fort
  10. Forts and palaces in Rajasthan
  11. Tea Gardens of Darjeeling
  12. Andaman Coral Reefs
  13. The Taj Mahal
  14. Ajanta Caves
  15. The Red Fort
  16. Hawa Mahal
  17. Qutb Minar
  18. India Gate
  19. Arunachal Pradesh
  20. Rann of Kutch.


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