How to Submit Online Income Tax Return File-NBR Website

How to submit Online Income Tax Return file-National Board Of Revenue, Bangladesh.E-filing website is the official portal of the Income Tax Department, National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh. The website is the government’s attempt to create a friendly and automated tax environment for the citizens and other stakeholders in calculating and submitting Tax returns.

How to submit Online Income Tax Return

Do you know, How to submit Income Tax Return Online? Just follow the below steps to to submit Online Income Tax Return in Bangladesh.

The following web-enabled services are available on this online system:

•  Electronic submission of Income tax return and attachments and processing of the same.

•  Electronic submission of Exemption/Tax holiday application and upload attachments.

•  Electronic submission of Appeal application and upload attachments.

•  Changing password for Taxpayers.

•  Guidelines for Taxpayers.

•  Download related Income Tax Rules and Templates.

How to submit Income Tax Return online

How to submit Online Income Tax Return, income tax logo, download etin logo bdNow it is possible to to submit Income Tax Return online in BD easily. It is expected that E-filing website would be a powerful tool to simplify Income Tax process. The website will make it easier for Taxpayers to submit the Tax return and increase the efficiency of Tax Officers in processing the return.Income tax return online payment system will also be found there on the online system.

Income TAX Bangladesh-File Submission Process and Details

How to submit Income Tax Return

Here is the details of Income TAX File submission process.Just download the PDF file to learn How to submit Income TAX file in Bangladesh for Businessman or Individual Salaried person or any individual of Bangladesh.

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Income TAX File Processing

TAX file processing online is the main moto of todays digital Bangladesh.Income TAX file submission is really an easy way if you know how to process the Income TAX file in Bangladesh.Online Income TAX return file processing how to guide is here.So, just keep a look on this page.Download TAX file online processing guide.

Income TAX Calculator Bangladesh

You can calculate your TAX online by this Income Tax Calculator.Try this TAX calculator online now.

Online TAX Return Form Download from here.

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Online Income Tax Return system in Bangladesh

How to submit Online Income Tax Return


If you are a new online Taxpayer, please furnish following information at your designated circle
office to get user name and password:
*Your 12 digit TIN.
*Your National ID Card (For Individual Taxpayer)
*Your Corporate ID (For Company Taxpayer)
Online account application form (Download from website
In case Lawyer represents for the Taxpayer, lawyer should bring authorization letter from Taxpayer.
To download
Online account application form,
Taxpayer follows the steps below:
Step 1:
Taxpayer accesses the address
Step 2:
Choose “Guideline” tab
From the homepage, Taxpayer clicks “Guideline” tab:
Step 3:
Choose Online account application form
Taxpayer clicks Online account application form link

TAX File Return Submit Bangladesh

The system displays
Online account registration application and Taxpayer saves application form to his computer by clicking Save image from top bar then choose a folder to save file.After that Taxpayer can open the saved file anytime to print it and fill it up to submit.

 Income Tax file submit Video Tutorial

After regitering sucessfully, Taxpayerwill receive a certificate from Tax Officer as below, which is said what is your user name and password to login online return submission system.

To contact NBR, just follow the be mentioned number,email and address.

•  Address: Room 234 NBR Building, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

•  Phone number: 02-55667070

•  Email:

•  Website:





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