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JDC Result 2017 Madrasah Education Board Result Bangladesh. JDC Result 2017 Madrasah Board Results. Madrasah Board Result 2017 Bangladesh. JDC Exam Result 2017 Online check. Junior Dakhil Certificate and its equivalent Junior School Certificate exams started in the whole Bangladesh on 1st November 2017 Wednesday. JDC Result 2017 BD will be published on 30th December 2017. J D C Result 2017 Madrasah Board will be available on our site

JDC Result 2017 Madrasah Board

JDC Result 2017 Madrasah Board Result 2017. More than 24-lakh students participated in JDC and JSC examinations. JDC exams scheduled to start on 1st November, 2017. All exams start at 10am. Education Minister of Bangladesh Nurul Islam Nahid visited Motijheel Ideal School and College exam centre. Education Minister forbade the externals to visit exam centers now and then. It hampers students attention and exam time.

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In 2017, Total 358,486 JDC examinees participate in JDC exam. Among them 167,770 are male candidates and 190,716 female students. The number of JSC examinees is 1,967,447. Out of total, 914,900 are male candidates while 1,052,547 are female candidates. In addition, total 585 candidates from 8 abroad centres attending the exams. The JDC exams increase the self-confidence of the candidates. JDC Result 2017 is to be published within 60 days after the completing of the exams. So, you need not worry for JDC exam result 2017. You will get your JDC exam result 2017 in time.

JDC Result 2017 Education Board Result

It is notable that, each year number of JSC and JDC candidates is increasing. The number of JSC and JDC examinees increased by 235,241 from last year. Education minister also said JDC exam is not considerable public exam. These PSC and JSC-JDC exams are taken to keep students attach to their studies.

Check Madrasah Board JDC Result 2017 Online & SMS

JDC is abbreviation of Junior Dakhil Certificate. It is 2nd Largest Public Exam in Bangladesh. There are total 8 General education board and 1 Madrasah Board. So, JSC JDC exam is taken under total 9 education board.  Class Eight students are the JSC JDC Examine. It is very nice to see such young candidates attending public exam.

Every year, JDC Exam starts in the 1st Week of November. JDC Exam Result is also published in same time every year. JDC Exam Result 2017 publish date may vary for 1 to 2 days. So, we wait for the declaration of education ministry. Education Board announces the exact date by press release. JDC Result Online Check 2017 via the Directorate of Primary Education DPE Website.

When JDC Result 2017 publish?

All know that JDC Exam Result 2017 will publish at the end of December, 2017. The Date can be 27 or 28 or 29 Dec, 2017. The education board or Education minister will announce the date soon. We will inform you the JDC Result 2017 publish date

How to Check JSC Result 2017?

JSC Result 2017 check is easy. We all know JSC is the short of Junior school certificate. JSC result 2017 BD will be published on the same day of JDC result. JSC and JDC both results of the year 2017 will be published on 30 December, 2017. On the day students get their result in a celebrated mode.Because many students pass the exam. The Class VIII students of High schools wait for results. They get the result online or by sms or from own schools. The JSC Result 2017 is the key of the admission of Class 9. JSC and JDC students admit in Class 9 by GPA.

Madrassa education in Bangladesh
No of private (Quomi) madrasahs 13,902
Number of government-funded (Alia) madrasah 6,906
No of teachers in Quomi madrasahs 130,000
Number of teachers in Alia madrasahs 100,732
Number of students in Quomi madrasahs 1,462,500
Number of students in Alia madrasahs 1,878,300
Total no of madrasahs (Quomi + Alia) 13,406
Total no of teachers (Quomi + Alia) 230,732
Total number of students (Quomi + Alia) 3,340,800

JSC is one of the largest public exams in Bangladesh. JSC exams 2017 started on November 17. All the exams ended as per Exam Routine. You find that there is no political issues now. So there is no interruption in students exam routine. Many students more than 25 lacs sat for the JSC JDC exams. So, many guardians and students are waiting for the JSC Result BD 2017.

Click here to get your JSC Result 2017 BD.

JDC Result 2017

SMS System JDC Exam Result 2017:

JDC <space> MAD <space> Roll Number and Send it to 16222.

JSC Result 2017 SMS Process:

JDC <space> CTG (1st 3 letter of Board) <space> Roll Number and Send to 16222.

Students can send SMS from any Operator (Teletalk, Grameen Phone, Robi, Banglalink, and Airtel).

Click For JSC Result Marksheet 2017

JDC Result Marksheet 2017

JDC Result is published by a variety of Ways. JDC Results 2017 Madrasah Board. Result Marksheet is very much important. Earlier students waited for weeks to get Mraksheet of public exams. Now because of computer technology, all process are easily accessible. JDC result Marksheet 2017 will be available soon after the JSC Result 2017 BD. Mark sheet is the sheet that contains marks of all subjects. The main result provides you GPA only. GPA is Grade point average. To check your JDC exam Full MarkSheet (Subject Wise Result), you need to download full MarkSheet JDC Result 2017. You can jus Check JDC Result full MarkSheet 2017. You can download the JDC Full MarkSheet 2017 Fast and Free.

JDC Result 2017 Madrasah Board , JDC Result 2017, Madrasah Board result 2017,JDC Result Full Marksheet, JDC Recheck Result 2017, Madrasah Board JDC Result 2017,,,Madrasah Education System focuses on religious education. It is Teaching all the basics of education in a religious environment. Religious studies are taught in Arabic. The students in some areas also serve the local area masjids. Students also complete all the courses of the General Education. Many privately licensed Madrasah take in homeless children and provide them food, shelter and education. In the Madrasah Education System there are two systems: One, called the “Quomi” Madrasah system and Alia” madrasah. Quomi madrasah is privately owned and funded. It is run according to the Deobandi system of Islamic education, which rejects the rational sciences.

The “Alia” madrasah system is privately owned but subsidised by the government. The the government spends 11.5% of its education budget on alia madrasahs, paying 80% of teacher and administrator salaries. The alia system is like the general education system. It just teaches general education with arabic subjects. The Madrasah Education Board covers religious education in government-registered Madrasahs in the secondary level. JDC is exam of Class 8 madrasah students. After JDC there is Dakhil exam of Class x students. The HSC level madrasah students sit for Alim exam.

After passing “Alim”, a student can enroll for 3 additional years to obtain a “Fazil” level. Students can go for further general education. They can earn university degree. After passing Fazil successfully, they can study for another 2 years in “Kamil” level.

JDC Exam Result 2017 Online

The madrasah board students can check their result by MAD Education Board First 3 Letters for JDC. But JSC examinees are of 8 education boards. We have given below all Education Board First 3 Letters For 8 education boards.

Comilla Board –COM; Rajshahi Board -RAJ

Jessore Board –JES; Chittagong Board -CHI

Barisal Board –BAR; Sylhet Board -SYL

Dinajpur Board –DIN; Madrasah Board – MAD

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JDC Result 2016 Publish date:

You have question in mind now. When JDC Result 2017 publish? It is the most important Question in lacs of JDC Examine. The JDC Result 2017 will publish within 60 days after last Exam. You will get to know the exact date very soon. Stay with us for your JC Exam result 2017 publish date.

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JDC Result 2017 by EIIN Number:

Every institution can download their Full Institute JDC Result 2017 by their Institute EIIN Number. The EIIN Number result check process is very simple. Go online from any browser. Go to You find various options for checking JDC Exam Result 2017. This system is for UNO, DC or any concerned person. This is District Wise, Thana Wise, and Center Wise Result getting process.

JDC Result 2017 Madrasah Board Result 2017

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JDC Exam Result 2017 Check through Android Mobile Apps:

How to Check JDC Result 2017 by Android Mobile Apps? JDC Exam Result 2017 Madrasah Board Online. Checking JDC Results 2017 by Android Apps is easy. The Smartphone users can check the JDC result by the Teletalk Powered Education Board Result Apps. Just Go to the Google Play Store. Search for Result download BD app. Download the Apps.

Then follow the below provided Instructions:

  • Open the Apps more than 5 Minutes before publishing of the JDC result 2017.
  • Select the Exam Type as JDC/JDC,
  • Select the Exam Year as 2017/2016,
  • Then, Select Education Board Name,
  • Enter your Roll Number, Registration Number, and Human Verification Code.
  • Finally, Click on the Submit Button and Get your Result.

JDC Result 2017 Re-scrutiny Process:

All educated people know that there is system of recheck of all public exams. JDC ReScrutiny process is published in the afternoon of JDC result publish day. It is also known as “Khata Check or Board Challenge”. You need to apply for JDC ReScrutiny within time limit. You need to pay application fee for each subject. It’s just checking the number.

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Here is JDC Result 2017 Re-scrutiny Full Process

JDC Recheck Result 2017

JDC ReScrutiny result is published online too. Each year many students get chance result recheck that remove any unwanted mistake. Human is err. So, there remains some problem. Those unwanted mistakes are solved by ReScrutiny result. ReScrutiny result is also known as “Khata Check Result or Board Challenge Result”. We will provide the JDC ReScrutiny result 2017 here.

JDC Madrasah Board Result 2017 Mark Distribution System:

Education Board of Bangladesh provides the Result with GPA. Score 80 is counted as GPA 5.00. Score 70 is counted as GPA 4.00. JDC Result 2017 Madrasah Board mark distribution.

The JDC Marks Distribution Table is below:

Exam Type Marks range Grade Point Average (GPA) Letter Grade
All public exam mark distribution is like this. 0 to 32 0.00 F
33 to 39 1.00 D
40 to 49 2.00 C
50 to 59 3.00 B
60 to 69 3.50 A-
70 to 79 4.00 A
80 to 100 5.00 A+

Madrasah Board JDC Result 2017

You are here for Madrasah Board JDC Exam Result 2017. We have provided various process of JDC Board result 2017 check. Hope this will help you a great deal. JDC Result 2017 Madrasah Board.