Rupali Bank Exam Question Solution 2018

Rupali Bank Exam Question Solution 2018. Bank Exam Question Solution 2018. Rupali Bank job Question Solution is to be found in our site Rupali Bank Ltd is a nationalized commercial bank. The bank was constituted with the merger of 3 erstwhile commercial banks i.e. Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd., Australasia Bank Ltd. and Standard Bank Ltd. The Rupali Bank recently declared Cash Officer Exam Date. The Cash Officer post Exam will held on 09 March, 2018. Candidates look for bank exam questions with solution after exam to convince themselves. Again this prepares them for later job exams too. We will try to update the Rupali Bank Exam Question Solution 2018 here. This question also gives new candidates pre idea about the exam question pattern.

Rupali Bank Exam Question Solution 2018

Rupali Bank Exam Question Solution 2018

Rupali Bank Exam Question Solution 2018

Rupali Bank Exam Math part Solution 2018:

Rupali Bank cash officer 2018 English solution :

17.Select the pair which is set in opposition Answer >>Divine -infernal
18. In the time of danger we should try to take the bull by the horns
Answer >>>Deal the situation decisively
19.The art of cultivating and managing gardens is called
Answer: Horticulture
20.A gentle man should be true___ his words.
Answer : to
21.A fourteen-line poem is called
Answer : Sonnet
22. A disease affecting many persons at the same time and same place is called
Answer : Epidemic
23.He letter ( fuelled) my doubts
Answer : Increase
24.The 19th century was the hey-day of the renaissance in Bengal.
Answer : Peak point
25. To make headway is to
Answer : Make progress
26. This method is not wrong; but there may be more——– method than this.
Answer : Effective
27. The closest meaning of the word ( bizarre)
Answer : Peculiar
28. He was succeeded by dint ____ his hard labour.
Answer : Of
29. Make passive : They said he is a good candidate
Answer : He was said to be a good candidate.
30.Narration : The captain says ” company move forward ”
Answer : The captain commands the company to move forward.
31. His stars are now in the ascendant.
Answer : এখন তার একাদশে বৃহস্পতি
32. Tagore’s birthday was_____ with songs and recitation.
Answer : Celebrated.

Rupali Bank Officer Cash Job Circular details:

Job Position: Officer (Cash)

Number of posts: 328.

Educational requirement: Masters Degree/ Four year honors degree from a reputed university.Third division/class in any examination is not allowed. Applicant must have Computer Knowledge.

Age as on 01/08/2016:

  1. 30 years maximum
  2. 32 Years maximum in case of son/daughter of freedom fighter or Handicapped Quota.

Rupali bank Offers: Salary Under National Pay Scale 2015, BDT 16000- 16800- 17640- 18530- 19460- 20440- 21470- 22550- 23680- 24870- 26120- 27430- 28810- 30260- 31780- 33370- 35040- 36800- 38640.

Cash Officer Exam date: 09 March, 2018.

Exam duration: 10 to 11 am.

Exam type: MCQ

Marks distribution: 100.

Number of Preli examinee: 131,105.

Rupali Bank Cash Officer Exam Question Solution 2018

Rupali Bank Exam Question Pattern. Bank Exam Question Solution 2018 of Rupali bank Cash post will be available on 09 March, 2018 after the job test is held. The question solution is done by various experts who are relentlessly working in the field.

Rupali Bank Limited Cash Officer Exam Date & Seat Plan 2018

Rupali Bank MCQ Exam Result 2018

Candidates will find Rupali Bank MCQ Exam Result 2018 in our site. The MCQ exam result is published very soon after the exam. The number of examinee is 131,105. Total 4000 candidates will be selected for the next job test. We will let you know the exam result when it is made public. We provide all job exam result here and job exam question solution.