HAPPY BANGLA NEW YEAR 1426 Pohela Boishakh Best Bangla SMS, English SMS

HAPPY BANGLA NEW YEAR 1426 Pohela Boishakh 1426 Best Bangla SMS, English SMS. Shuvo Bangla Noboborsho 1426 free sms collection, Bangla Noboborsho 1426 SMS collection etc. will be found here in this post. Pohela Boishakh is a great occassion for all Banglai. The Bengali people considers it New Year. Bengali people just wait for this special day. All Bengali people celebrate this day of Bengali New Year with great enthusiasm.

Pohela Boishakh 1426 Best Bangla, English SMS

Pohela Boishakh 1426 Best Bangla SMS:

  • Elish Maser Tirish Kata,
    Boal Maser Dari !
    Boishakh Masher 1 Tarikhe
    Esho Amar Bar i!!
    Chele Hole Panjabi,
    Meye Hole Sari,
    Korbo Boron Bondhu Tomai,
    Esho Amar Bari !!!
  • Tomar jonno Sokal, Dupur tomar jonno Sondha,
    Tomar jonno shokol Golap & Rojonigondha.
    Tomar jonnei shob shur tomar jonne chondo
    Notun Bochor boya anuk Onabil Anondo.
    Shuvo Noboborsho – 1426

Pohela Boishakh 1423 Best Bangla, English SMS

  • Baro Mashe Tero Parbon, Ebar Elo Bole,
    Bangalir Ekta Bosor Gelo Cole,
    Notun Bocor Ashuk Shudhu Anonder Sporshe!!!!
  • Baisakh dilo Notuner dak,
    Purono dukkho jak muche jak.
    khushir poroshe notun horoshe
    Vore jak mon pran.
    – Subho Nababarsho

Pohela Boishakh 1423 Best Bangla, English SMS

Poila Boishakh 1426 Best SMS

“Gan Shonalo Bhorer Pakhi
Etokkon Keo Ghumoi Naki?
Ami Tomai Koto Daki
Ebar Ektu Khulo Akhi!
Elo Abar Notun Bocor,
Khete Hobe Panta Elish !!”

Choitrer raat-er Shese
Shurjo asuk notun beshe,
Sei surjer dipto aaloi
NOBOBORSHO katuk valoi

Dinguli Jemoni hok, thiki jay kete,
Tobu bolo ki lav purano smriti khete.
A bochore purno hok tomar shokol asha.
Nobo Borshe etai amar porom prottasha.

Bochor seser jhora pata bollo ure ese,
Ekti bachor periye gelo haoar sathe vese.
Natun bachor asche take jotno kore rekho
Swapno gulo sotti kore vison valo theko.

Nishi jokhon bhor hobe. Shuktara nibhe jabe, ashbe ekta notun din
Dukkho hotasha jao bhule, hashi anonda niyo tule, “Shuvo Noboborsho”

Shuvo Noboborsho 1426

Happy Bengali New Year-1426 (Poila Boishakh or Shuvo Noboborsho) Send Free SMS is the term we search a lot on this occasion.Poila Boishakh or Bengali New Year or Bangla New Year or Shuvo Noboborsho is the first day of Bengali Calendar celebrated on 14th April in Bangladesh and 15th April in the India State of West Bengal by the Bengali people and also by minor Bengali communities in other countries. The traditional greetings for Bengali New Year is Shuvo Noboborsho (শুভ নববর্ষ) which literally Happy New Year.

Pohela Boishakh 1426 Best English SMS:

New Year begins,

let us pray

it will be year of New Peace,

New Happiness

and abundance of new friends,

God bless you

throughout the New Year.

Pohela Boishakh 1423 Best Bangla, English SMS

Shuvo Bangla Noboborsho 1426 Best SMS

May you come up as bright as sun,

as cool as water and as sweet as honey.

Hope this Baisakh fulfill all your wishes.

Happy Pohela Baisakh!!

Pohela Boishakh 1423 Best Bangla, English SMS

I ask Allah 2 make u happy,

make u smile,

guide u safely,

though every mile,

grant u wealth,

give u health &

most of all grant u paradise!

Happy Bengali New Year-1426 (Poila Boishakh or Shuvo Noboborsho) Send Free SMS

HAPPY BANGLA NEW YEAR 1424, Happy Bengali New Year-1424 (Poila Boishakh or Shuvo Noboborsho) Send Free SMS, shuvo noboborsho image 1424, happy bangla new year 1422 best photo, shuvo nababorsho 1422 image

In Bengali Poila Stands for First and Boishakh is the first month of Bengali Calendar. It means first day of Boishakh is celebrated as Poila Boishakh or Bangla Noboborsho.

The development of the Bengali calendar is often attributed to king of Gour or Gauda, Shashanka as the starting date falls squarely within his reign.

Shuvo Noboborsho 1426 Free SMS

Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, introduced a revised Bengali Calendar in order to make tax collection easier in Bengal. The Mughals collected tax according to the Islamic calendar and Akbar ordered an improvement of the calendar systems, because the lunar Islamic calendar did not agree with the harvest sessions and the farmers faced severe difficulties in paying taxes out of season. Some sources credit the idea to the finance minister of Akbar, Todar Mal. The distinctive characteristic of this revised Bengali year was that, rather than being a solar or lunar calendar, it was based on a union of the solar and lunar year. This was essentially a great promotion, as the solar and lunar years were formulated in very diverse systems. Primarily this calendar was named as “Fasli San” and then “Bônggabdô”. The Bengali Year was launched on 10/11 March 1584, but was dated from 5 November 1556 or 963 Hijri. This was the day that Akbar defeated Himu in the clash of Panipat 2 to ascend the throne. (Source: wikipedia)Happy Bengali New Year-1422 (Poila Boishakh or Shuvo Noboborsho) Send Free SMS, shuvo noboborsho image 1422, happy bangla new year 1422 best photo, shuvo nababorsho 1422 image, poila boishakh 1422 photo, poila boishakh panta ilish picture

Shuvo Noboborsho 1426 Free Photo

Poila Boishakh is celebrated with grandeur and colours in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh. The celebrations are started at the break of dawn with a rendition of Rabindranath Tagore’s song “Esho he Baishakh” by Chhayanat under the banyan tree at Ramna (the Ramna Batamul). An integral part of the festivities is the Mongol Shobhajatra, a traditional colourful procession organised by the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts (Charukala) of Dhaka University. The procession has a different theme relevant to the country’s culture and politics every year. Different cultural organizations and bands also perform on this occasion and fairs celebrating Bengali culture are organized throughout the country. Other traditional events held to celebrate Poila Boishakh include bull racing in Munshiganj, wrestling in Chittagong, boat racing, cockfights, pigeon racing. (Source: wikipedia)

Happy Bangla New Year 1426 SMS

In Kolkata, Poila Boishakh (and the entire month of Boishakh) is considered to be an auspicious time for marriages. These days people wear new clothes and go about socialising. Choitro, the last month of the previous year, is the month of hectic activities and frantic purchases. Garment traders organise a Choitro sale and sell the garments with heavy discounts.Happy Bengali New Year-1422 (Poila Boishakh or Shuvo Noboborsho) Send Free SMS, shuvo noboborsho image 1422, happy bangla new year 1422 best photo, shuvo nababorsho 1422 image, pila boishakh 1422 photo free

Poila Boishakh is the day for cultural programmes. Prayers are offered for the well-being and prosperity of the family. Young women clad in white saris with red borders and men clad in dhuti and kurta take part in the Probhat Pheri processions early in the morning to welcome the first day of the year. This day being auspicious, new businesses and new ventures are started. The Mahurat is performed, marking the beginning of new ventures. (Source: wikipedia)




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