Simplest Paragraph Writing Tips for Job Seekers

Simplest Paragraph Writing Tips for Job Seekers. Majority job test includes paragraph writing or writing on a topic. Many can’t write on topic without preparation as English is not our first language. In this article some tips to write a good paragraph are given for you. You will also get here a sample paragraph. If you learn this sample paragraph, you will be able to answer 30 paragraph or more.

Easy Paragraph Writing Tips for Job Seekers. Writing a paragraph is not that tough it seems to be. You just need to have ability to write sentences correctly. It is known to all that paragraph is accumulation of some sentences.

Simplest Paragraph Writing Tips for Job Seekers

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Firstly, we are giving you some clue to write any kind of paragraph. Whatever may be the subject of a paragraph, you need to give a definition of it in the first sentence. The following sentences will elaborate the topic that means benefits and problems. The final sentence may contain suggestion or solution of a problem (if the topic is about a problem).

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Simplest Paragraph Writing Tips for Job Seekers

Here is the sample paragraph. You just have to write the name of the paragraph in the place of topic.

➫ [ TOPIC ] is a great destructive problem. It is a global problem.

➫ [ TOPIC ] destroying our social peace and happiness. It is not only a common matter for our own country but also for the other countries too. Day by day it is going out of our control which is very alarming. Keeping this problem we can not imagine our peaceful life.

Though ➫ [ TOPIC ] is very tough to remove totally from the society but we have to try at any cost. Without removing this acute problem, people can’t get relief. Everybody wants a good solution for this problem. Beside govt. should come forward to overcome this problem. The law forces agencies should arrest more active. Again, ➫ [ TOPIC ] is possible to remove by creating public awareness. So, we should be more active to get a better solution.

1. Copying in the examination
2. Environment Pollution
3. Air pollution
4. Terrorism in the campus
5. Terrorism
6. Black marketing
6. Adult marriage
7. Traffic jam
8. Load-shedding
9. Hartal day
10. Road accident
11. Drug addiction
12. Dangerous of smoking
13. Arsenic Pollution
14. Conspiracy
15. Brain-drain
16. Gambling
17. Dacoity
18. Anarchy
19. Bribery
20. Black money
21. Child labour
22. Deforestation
23. Acid throwing
24. Superstition
25. Corruption
26. Political chaos
27. Women & child trafficking/torturing
28. Toll-extortion 29. Population problem
30. Conspiracy

And to write about any Kind of Social Problems, you may use this sample paragraph.




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