Technique to Make Correct Answer in 38th BCS

How to Make Correct Answer in 38th BCS? 38 BCS is knocking at door. Candidates are busy taking exam preparation. There is negative marking in the BCS exam. This is a matter of concern. It is because some candidates are not qualified for negative marking. So, you must be careful in answering the questions. Below are some techniques to avoid making wrong answer. By following the techniques, you can get selected for BCS written test.

How to Make Correct Answer in 38th BCS

Firstly, there is question and answer in the question paper. So, you can easily pass the 38 BCS if you carefully answer the questions. Divide the total exam time in three. You have 120 minutes to answer all questions. So, you have 40 minutes in each division.

In first 40 minutes, just answer the known questions. Don’t randomly answer the questions. Remember, just the Known questions. For example, you have answered 70 questions in the first 40 minutes. You have to answer remaining 130 questions.

Answer 40 questions in the next 40 minutes. You get 1 minute for each question. Don’t hurry. When you answer 40 questions in this section, your 40 + 70 = 110 marks is secured.

In the last 40 minutes, try to answer 10/15 questions more. If you can do this, you can be sure that you are selected in MCQ exam. While answering the most unknown/uncommon questions, find out the correct option. Or try to cancel the wrong options gradually. This will let you find the correct answer.

Time management is a part of exam. Well prepared candidate can be in danger for lack of time management. So, you need not necessarily divide time as my point of view. You can make your own plan. Just make sure that you make proper time management plan. You must know that .5 is deducted for each wrong question.

One should not waste time in doing maths again and again. This kills your valuable time.

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Don’t go to answer questions serially. Leave the uncommon questions to try next time. Otherwise you will not get chance to try the uncommon questions. In hurry, people tend to mistake even the known questions.