Bangladesh Bank Officer Question Solution 2018

Bangladesh Bank Officer Question Solution 2018 is to be found in our site as the Officer exam is going to be held on 27 April, 2018. Applicants must know that we try to present all bank exam question solve with detail explanation after the job test is held. This is preliminary exam test of officer post published by Central bank of Bangladesh widely known as Bangladesh Bank.

Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Question Solution is available here. Get Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Question Solution so that you can take preparation of other job exams well. Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Recruitment MCQ Test held on 8th April 2016. Bangladesh Bank ltd Cash Officer job MCQ test held on Friday 8th April, 2016 from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm. Bangladesh Bank ltd Cash Officer job MCQ test held in 55 Dhaka division center.

Bangladesh Bank Officer Question Solution 2018

Bangladesh Bank Officer Question Solution 2018

Bangladesh Bank Officer Question Solution 2018

Bangladesh Bank Exam Question Solution will be updated here. The exam question solution gives us idea about the next exam question. This is not only helpful for BB exams, we face similar questions in other exams too. There are various govt and private banks which recruit employees under Bangladesh bank. The name is BSCS in full bankers selection committee Secretariat. You get all bank exam other job exam questions solve in our website

Bangladesh Bank Exam Question Solution:


১. বাংলা নাটকের ফর্ম ও ভাষা নিয়ে নিরীক্ষাধর্মী কাজ করেছেন – সেলিম আল দীন

২. চর্যাপদ হলো- সাধন সঙ্গীত

৩. বহুব্রীহি সমাস নয়- স্বপ্ন

৪. মাইকেলি ধাতুর দৃষ্টান্ত হলো – পবিত্রি

৫. সবচেয়ে প্রাচীন রোমান্সমূলক প্রণয়োপাখ্যানের রচয়িতা – শাহ মুহম্মদ সাগীর

৬. শামসুদ্দীন আবুল কালামের সাহিত্যকর্মের মুখ্য উপজীব্য হলো- নিম্নবর্গের মানুষ ও তাদের জীবন

৭. পাকিস্তান আমলে সামরিক শাসনের প্রতিক্রিয়ায় বাঙালি লেখকেরা বক্তব্য প্রকাশের জন্য আশ্রয় নেন – মিথ -রূপকের অবয়ব

৮. তরজা হলো- কবিগান জাতীয় লোকসংগীত

৯. অভি উপসর্গ যে অর্থে ব্যবহৃত হয় – সম্যক

১০. খোশমেজাজ কোন সমাস- সমানাধিকরণ বহুব্রীহি

১১. নিবিদ শব্দের অর্থ -( দেবদেবী-সংক্রান্ত অতি প্রাচীন কাব্যবিষয়ক) পুরাণোর গল্প

১১. সৌধ শব্দের উচ্চারণ – শোউধো

১২. বিদেশি উপসর্গজাত শব্দ – দরদালান

১৩. cognizable শব্দের পরিভাষা- বোধজাত

১৪. he has gone to dogs অনুবাদ – সে গোল্লায় গেছে

১৫. নথ নাড়া বাগধারাটির অর্থ – অহংকার প্রকাশ


17. lose the leaves annually,


19. went back on

20. Can I be helped by you

21. destroyer

22. I will win the lottery and share the money

23. is being

24. mobile

25. acquit

26. advised


28. right on properties

29. to act like a coward

30. Questionnaire

31. at

32. it was drizzling with gusty wind.

Math and Mental Ability solution:

  1. 29
  2. A 5/3
  3. B decreases by 4%
  4. A Tk.156
  5. D 6+N
  6. A 1/4
  7. D 2
    40.  d)  x>-1
  8. A 1
  9. B triangles of equal area
  10. C 19
  11. A 8
  12. B eat green leaf
  13. C Viscosity
  14. B 21
  15. Not sure
  16. C 118 m
  17. B Tuesday
  18. C bloat
  19. C Daughter
  20. C 45
  21. C Z
  22. A 8
  23. C Countries


57.  Nato last member- Montenegro

  1. OIC official language- French
  2. Atrai flows- Dinajpur

  3. First post liberation war sculpture in BD- Jagroto Chowrongi

  4. Theory of EverythingStephen Hawking

  5. National voter day in BD- 1 March

63.  In firepower index 2017 india was- 4 th

64.  Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin elected president as- 4th time

65.  8th division of BD- Mymensingh

  1. UN gives recognition of LDC- Committee for Development Policy

67.  the host city of 21 commonwealth games- Glod Coast

  1. Asma Jagangir is known as- Human rights
  • 100 year will be in 2019- Versailles

  • 90th academy award- The shape of water

  • BB recently announce of CRR- 10000 crore

  • 72.  Passenger train between Kolkata to khulna- Bandhon


    1. A set of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as- Algorithm

    74.  An electronic path, that sends signals from one part of computer to another is ?- BUS

    75. QWERTY is used with reference to– Keyboard

    1. A—is a set of rules- Protocol
  • How many full address are needed to add two 4 bit numbers with a parallel adder4

  •  78. Chip is a common nickname for -Integrated Circuit
    1. Software, such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses, that has a malicious intent, is known as -Malware

    80.  —-are used to identify a user who returns to a Website- Cookies

    Bangladesh Bank Exam Question Solution

    Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Question Solution

    Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Bangla and English Question Solution 2016:

    Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Question Solution 2016Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer General Knowledge Question Solution 2016:

    1. First medicine park of Bangladesh is being established in


    1. The Louvre museum is in


    1. Ramon Magsaysay Award is given from


    1. Who scored the first ever perfect ‘10’ in gymnastics?

    ***Nadia Comaneci

    1. The Last Film of Humayun Ahmed was-

    ***Ghetuputra Kamala

    1. The Cactus Curtain separates Guantanamo Naval Base from


    1. Who is the Designer of the National Flag of Bangladesh?

    ***Kamrul Hasan

    1. World Population Day is observed on

    ***11 july

    1. How many were accused in the Agartala Conspiracy Case including Bangabandhu?

    ***35 persons

    1. Who Is Called The Father Of Green Revolution?

    ***Norman Borlaug

    1. The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is Contiguous with what Famous National Park Of Tanzania?

    ***The Serengeti

    1. How much is the percentage of technocrat ministers allowed in the cabinet of Bangladesh government?

    ***10 percent

    1. The per Capita income of Bangladesh is

    ***1314 US dollar

    1. What is the name of Malaysian currency?


    1. Which Institution First Published The Complete Map Of Bangladesh’s Sea Boundary?

    ***Institute of Marine Sciences And Fisheries

    1. The capital city of Myanmar is

    ***Naypi Daw

    1. The 15 Amendment of Bangladesh Constitution Abolished

    ***Caretaker Government System

    1. Which One is Constitutional Organization?

    ***Bangladesh Election Commission

    1. Usain Bolt is a citizen of


    1. What kind of organization of the Bangladesh government is DAE?


    Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Math Question Solution 2016:

    Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Question Solution 2016Bangladesh Bank Cash Officer Basic computer knowledge Question Solution 2016

    1. Which is not a computer classification?
      • Maxframe
    2. Which operation is not performed by computer?
      • understanding
    3. Floppy disks which are made from flexible plastic material are also called?
      • Diskettes
    4. Which of the following is not a micro computer ?
      • None of them
    5. The word length of a computer is measured by
      • Bits
    6. Signals can be analog or digital and a computer that processes the both type of signals is known as – Hybrid computer
    7. Which of the following is associated with error detector ?
      • Both A& B
    8. MICR Stands for – Magnetic Ink Character Reader
    9. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language is called a/an
      • Compiler
    10. Which unit is known as nerve centre of computer?


    Bangladesh Bank Officer Question Solution 2018

    Bangladesh Bank Officer Question Solution 2018:

    BB Officer Question Solution 2018 is important for job seeking learners. Bangladesh bank is the central bank of Bangladesh that publishes various Jobs Circular for different posts having many vacancies. The BB previous year questions are now open for all who want to see the questions. Our site contains Government Jobs circular of all kind, Bank Job circulars and company job circulars along with exam question of all tests taken. Here is also Private Job circular, NGO job circular and teaching jobs information. We update University jobs circular, school and college recruitment circular too. Here is also Bank Job and other jobs exam date. All job exam Results including Government Job Results, University Job result, bank job result and all Part time and permanent Job results in Bangladesh. Candidates also get here job exam question pattern. The job exam questions are followed by exclusive solution. So, you get Bank exam question solution and other job exam question solution. The learners get to know various career tips here that helps them take good preparation for all exams. Our site provides you admission circular along with all relevant information realted to admiision. Students can apply for admission in schools, colleges and universities. Bangladesh Bank Exam date will be here with admit card download link. Bangladesh Bank exam result will also be updated here too with download link. Bangladesh Bank Officer Question Solution 2018 related all detail information is given for job seekers.